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Penny Lam

Penny Lam is a modern abstract artist based in Toronto. Her vision is to create original pieces of art that reflect her ideas on beauty and design. She believes that beauty is created when the sensation of visual stimulation evokes emotion and memories. 

Her collection of artwork utilizes bold and fresh colours on large multimedia canvases, as well as smaller watercolour originals.

Penny studied at the University of Toronto. After completing her degree she spent time in Japan teaching Art History. Upon returning to Toronto, Penny completed her Master in Education with a focus on the interconnections between language acquisition and Visual Art.  She currently works as a full-time artist in Toronto. 

Penny's art balances the elements of spontaneity and deliberate execution in perfect harmony.  Her artwork is a direct reflection of her personality as a blend of confidence and style. Her work is deeply influenced by Abstract Expressionism and is best described as a modern response to creativity and flow. 

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